Pink is for the manly

Thomas Gainsborough's 1782 portrait "The Pink Boy"

In light of the incredibly childish, pointless “debate” that is going on in the media over a J.Crew staffer painting her 5 year old son’s toenails pink because (gasp!) it’s his favorite color, I am going to paint my 5 year old son’s toenails pink. Because he ALSO likes pink (though it’s ONLY his 2nd favorite color), and because he asked me to, and because WHO THE HELL CARES?

Pink as a girl-specific color is a modern tradition. In the Victorian era, boys wore pink because red, and therefore pink was a stronger, and so more “manly” color. While girls wore blue because it was the color associated with the Virgin Mary. The switch to blue for boys came when military uniforms were made in dark blue during WWI. Here’s a Time article from 1927 showing a little confusion as the tradition switches.

The fact that this makes news when there are real things going on in the world like poverty, climate change, the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan and near nuclear disaster (remember that?), and a crappy economy, makes me happy that a long time ago, I stopped getting my news from US sources, and only get it from the BBC. Because the US media is full of thumb-sucking children running around sticking their dirty diapers in everyone’s faces. And they need to grow the hell up.


8 thoughts on “Pink is for the manly

  1. Nan says:

    LOL! My son (now a manly and macho 11-year-old) wanted red toenails to match his skateboard. He spent weeks doing handstands to show them off.

  2. Tracey says:

    The thing that bugs me is, even if your son, or mine, or the J.Crew staffer’s didn’t turn out to be macho, what business is it of the media to criticize any mother for letting our sons put on toenail polish if they want it?

    Btw, I hope you got pictures of those handstands. They sound awesome!

  3. Mutterschwester says:

    This is kind of an echo of the furor over a boy’s Daphne (a la Scooby) Halloween costume last year. I haven’t painted my toe-nails in almost a year, and my kids have no interest in it, but if they did – the louder the better, I say. Otherwise, why bother?

    I’m always suspicious when these tempests rear their heads on “news” channels. It’s about ratings and getting people to visit and leave ohmygoditissoshocking comments to boost their ad revenue. At least in my snarky head it is.

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