The essential writer’s office pt. 1

I have not been able to work out of my office for weeks because it looked like this.

That’s the thing about writing from home. Your office isn’t just the place you manage your career, it’s also the place you manage the house, and the kids, and your spouse’s stuff as well. And because it’s not as formal as an office in a building, family members think it’s ok to hang their favorite Minnie Mouse dress, or the jacket for their suit over your chair, and discard half-finished drawings, legos, Scholastic book orders, the guitar they’re not currently using, as well as piles and piles of random pieces of paper.

So over the last few weeks, my office has ended up looking more like a messy storage closet than a place where anyone can do any kind of work. So now it looks like this.

And I have to figure out what goes back in, what my lovely family members need to re-claim, what needs to be put away elsewhere, and what needs to be trashed.

What does a writer need in their office anyway? (besides a sign that says KEEP OUT!) I’m taking suggestions.


4 thoughts on “The essential writer’s office pt. 1

  1. Kate says:

    Great job cleaning, very cathartic process isn’t it? I can’t concentrate when it’s messy so I can’t let it get crazy, when it starts creeping that way I order the offenders into the office to claim their stuff or I pull out the trash bag and they don’t have anything to claim šŸ™‚ That only has to happen once!

  2. Tracey says:

    I wish I was better at keeping non-essential things at bay. Though I have to say, this is the worst it has ever gotten, which is why even the book case got cleaned out. There were all kinds of things between and on top of the books! I really can’t allow it to happen again, though I’m sure many things will creep back in. It was nice to clean it out. But now I have to put everything back! šŸ˜¦

  3. Tracey says:

    I always feel good cleaning out, but the hard part is figuring out where everything goes at the end. I did manage to throw out a lot of things, but I’m now looking at two big piles of papers and I don’t know what to do with them. Plus, the office dino’s kind of big and I’m not sure where to put him anymore since I’ve rearranged my bookshelf. But I am determined to get it done today!

    Good luck cleaning your apartment. That’s a much bigger task than one room. But you’ll feel better once it’s done. šŸ™‚

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