The essential writer’s office pt. 2

I did it! I actually managed to finish cleaning that giant mess in one day, and put away all the little odds and ends that I usually can’t figure out where to put. Admittedly, there is one pile of papers that needs to be reviewed and filed, but I need to go over all of the files anyway.

Here’s what the office looks like now:

The bookshelf has far fewer things than it did yesterday, and all of them get used fairly regularly. Industry and genre-related books on the top 2 shelves, and home/family stuff, like the folder of Lego manuals, on the bottom. (We have a lot of Legos and those manuals see a lot of daylight.) Grace, a broken Woody doll which my husband has been trying to get rid of, and Mr. E. Robot also hang out on the top shelf along with the last pair of pointe shoes I bought and a box of larger stationery supplies. On top is Grover in his new hat, Chewy, and the tins where I keep all the sewing, knitting, and small stationery supplies.

I decided to stop using my bulletin board as a bulletin board, and more of a things-I-like board, so there are a few family pictures, birthday cards from friends, my I miss Bill bumper sticker that  a friend (who does not like Bill) got me from his library in Arkansas, two mocked up covers from books I’ve written, but haven’t gotten published yet, and palms from church last Sunday. Now that I’m using the bulletin board as display rather than work, the fabric background doesn’t work anymore. I’ll switch it out eventually.

And lastly, I couldn’t figure out where to put Rex now that I had usurped his usual spot on top of the bookshelf for more supplies, so I put him on my desk to be the “clutter monitor” which I thought he’d immediately fail at, since clutter monitor is more a figurehead title for a plastic dinosaur, but since he’s in exactly the position where I gather most of my clutter, I think he’ll actually do his job. And he was so nervous about it!

Of course this morning when I got up and came into my office, I saw that my husband left his dirty dishes from dinner (he ate in the bedroom) on my clean desk. So he will get a talking-to later. But other than that, I’m thrilled.