Move over paper

Today is an exciting day. History was made. Again! And it’s great to live at a time that history is being made in huge ways. Is it because of technology?  The news about Bin Laden was widely shared first on Twitter. And when I read it on the New York Times, I could click on the link to the press conference the President gave about it, and email it to my mother.

President releases birth certificate

In the last week there has been so much interesting news, that it could almost make your head spin. So being able to parse all the information, to really understand it, to go in-depth the way you might want to, or skip over the stuff that you’re not that interested in, is a function of modern media, and new ways of disseminating information. And it’s why paper, as a technology for sharing information, is no longer the best platform.

I’m not going to insert an apology here about how much I love “real” books because it’s an insult to technology. eBooks, phones, and tablets are springboards with social networking providing the people power for how information is distributed. To believe differently, is to ignore the facts. Support for the Iran elections gained popularity on Twitter, with people showing solidarity by turning their avatars green. The White House Correspondence dinner was linked on Facebook (mostly the part where Seth Meyers insults The Donald’s “fox” hairdo).

Gore recording for OUR CHOICE the app.

It’s only a matter of time before paper goes the way of 8-track and cassette tapes not just for news, but for entertainment purposes as well. And if you don’t believe me, you only need to see what software developer Mike Matas of Push Pop Press did with Al Gore’s book, OUR CHOICE.

Don’t worry. It’s a good thing.