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In Gene Doucette‘s debut novel, IMMORTAL, Adam, a thousands-years-old man stumbles through modern-day life, mostly in an alcohol fog and finds that suddenly there’s a price on his head. The cast of characters he has to deal with reads like something out of the bible, and mythology, and fairy tales combined, with demons, dragons, vampires, pixies and iffrits (what’s an iffrit? you’ll find out!) among Adam’s friends and foes. Pinning down the novel’s genre is nearly as difficult as identifying the inspiration for the fantastic cast. Part thriller, part mystery, part love story? (don’t kill me, Gene) and part sci-fi/fantasy (or speculative fiction if you will), IMMORTAL delivers on the elements of these genres coupled with a wise-cracking narrator, and historical flashbacks that for the first part of the book, I enjoyed much more than the modern-day drama that was unfolding in Adam’s life. Of course by the time the action gets going, I was too absorbed to notice much of Adam’s ancient lives.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this first-time author and twitter pal, but IMMORTAL turned out to be a fast, fun read that was like having my favorite dessert chased with my favorite alcoholic drink.

If I have bones to pick with the writing it would be that the fate of Adam’s love interest seemed a little too convenient, and not in keeping with his casual attitude, though it’s unclear by the end how their relationship would really turn out. And with the designers, I have to grouse about the cover, which I found out later is being altered, hopefully to better reflect the wit and scope of the book.

IMMORTAL is available for Nook and Kindle. And this week, Doucette is previewing a snippet of the sequel, HELLENIC IMMORTAL on his blog.


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