A friend once told me that she didn’t want to be the person in charge, she wanted to be the person behind the person. Power up close without the responsibility sounds good, but as Kerwin Swint shows in THE KING WHISPERERS, the #2 job isn’t without it’s hazards. These people had their ambition, faithfulness, or ideology met with intrigue, backstabbing, bloody revenge and a political minefield that left many broken, both physically and financially. Swint divides the historical cast into type (Machiavellians, Kingmakers, Spies, etc.) rather than by date, though a timeline would have been handy.

Swint was kind enough to  answer a few questions about the book:

KwP: If you were to be a king whisperer, which “king” would you want to whisper to?

KS: Maybe an American president, such as George Washington or Franklin Roosevelt.  But Saladin would also be an interesting choice.

KwP: Of the people you researched, who did you like the most?

KS: I developed a lot of respect for Saladin, K. Kamaraj of India and Sakamoto Ryoma of Japan.

Kerwin Swint

KwP: I found myself partial to Theodora of Byzantium. She starts out as a “dancer,” makes her way to Empress, and finally becomes a saint. It’s impressive. All of the whisperers had to be ruthless at times, even the more benevolent ones like Theodora. What does this say about leadership?

KS: Niccolo Machiavelli said that a “Prince” must at times learn how to be “not good” in order to do what is necessary to protect his kingdom and his people.  The survival and security of the leader is job number one.  

KwP: I wrote a book for Middle School students called BEING A LEADER AND MAKING DECISIONS which included people who lead by example, such as Mother Theresa, and Mohandas Ghandi. Can people like that ever be world leaders? Or are they too idealistic?
KS: I think so. Ghandi was very realistic and had great political insight.  Thomas Jefferson was an idealist to a degree.  But idealistic leaders need to be very grounded and stay in the “real” world.   
In books about history, THE KING WHISPERERS stands out for it’s attention to the behind-the-scenes details. And it makes me wonder about who’s whispering to whom in current events, and who the players are going to be in the future. Which also begs the question I know all of you are dying to find out: exactly what kind of king whisperer is Kate going to be to Wills? 😉

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