Monday Mashup

I’m starting this new thing: the Monday Mash-up, where you can find all the articles I came across during the previous week that I thought were interesting. Think of it as one-stop shopping, because you’re busy. Lord knows I am. Here we go.

Tim Wynne-Jones talks to us writers about the importance of accepting our own genius. It’s filled with little nuggets of wisdom you may want to keep in your pocket such as: “We must allow that our inner genius knows more than we do.”

For newbie writers, author and agent Mandy Hubbard breaks down how much you might make. Because you want to know and also because when you do become a published author… “The first thing anyone wants to know is: How much does a person make being an author?  If you have ever sold a book, you know that perfectly nice strangers will ask you this as if it’s subject to public disclosure, or its totally different than you turning around and saying, “and how much did you make last year?” To which, of course, they’d look disgusted.”

For the already-published, new author Roni Lauren talks about how to sell your next book before it’s written. Hint: you have to sell at least one book first. Although since Lauren’s first book isn’t out until next year, she’s also kind of telling you how to sell the first one too. Smart lady.

If you’re even past that, you might be interested in creating an author video. Media Bistro has all the info you need to know to make it a good one.

But the most interesting (and head-scratching) thing from last week had to be Neil Gaiman’s spat with Minnesota politician Matt Dean, who resorted to name-calling because he was mad about Gaiman’s speaking fees. It did not go well for him. In addition to looking like a fool, his mother (rightly) made him apologize. To which Gaiman responded, “At this point, I’m just glad his mother (of whom, I must say, I am now a fan) didn’t bring him round to my house with a hand on his collar and make him apologise in front of my whole family, while clearing her throat and giving him meaningful glances the whole time.” Though if you want a quick and fast blow-by-blow, you’d better head here.

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