Monday Mashup!

Lots of good stuff in here for everyone at every point in the publication process. En. Joy.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job to start a freelance business, here are 8 things you need to know, courtesy of Guerilla Freelancing. Their first point, “the feast or famine cycle is very real.” Dude, I know ALL ABOUT THAT.

Not quite ready to quit your job without knowing what the heck you’re supposed to do? Try Author School. Seriously. Publishing overview, making press kits, doing TV interviews, etc. Where was this when I was starting out?

However, if you’re still struggling to get through your manuscript, you might want to see if you’re falling victim to these common writing pitfalls, courtesy of Kristen Lamb. (Her blog is one of my faves.) My pitfall… I tend to dive into the action.

For all of us writers taking advantage of Facebook’s platform for social media, beware their new rules. Unless of course you plan to never run a contest, in which case, never mind. Courtesy of Media Bistro.

Still looking for an agent? Here are a few interviews with literary agents that might help you find your representative. Interviews are an excellent tool when you’re doing research.

But if the rejections are still rolling in despite your best efforts, never fear. Here’s writer/illustratior Debbie Ohi on how a rejection became an acceptance. An editor came looking for her? When does that happen? (And another reason you should join the SCBWI if you write or illustrate for kids.) Congratulations Debbie!

If that isn’t enough to motivate and inspire you, writer Tymothy Longoria posed this question to several authors: what does it mean to be a writer? Tymothy also whips out bible quotes. Nice.

If you’re thinking of self-publishing, and who isn’t these days? then listen to what a publisher has to say about your options: “I’m going to start at the beginning of the value chain, with the author. And this is their choice. Do I need a publisher? You might think it’s a provocative question for a publisher to pose. … But today, they have a real choice. So it’s critical, that we acknowledge the alternatives on offer – and their appeal to some writers.”

So you’ve already made the decision to self-publish. The irrepressible  J.A. Konrath has 5 points about ebook promo including, “I’ve noticed the books that sell best seem to be professional looking (covers, formatting, editing), have low prices, good product descriptions, and are well-written. Don’t put up anything less than terrific on all counts.”

Speaking of, one writer decided to tinker with the cover of her ebook after it was published because she didn’t feel it had enough impact when viewed on a web page. Did she do a good job? She wants you to tell her.

In further smart self-marketing, an author shares tips for making your own book trailer. I have to save that for later. 🙂

Heading out on a book tour? Find out what you need to have or more importantly, what you don’t need to have: “Book tour is a vulnerable time, an emotional rollercoaster.  Now is the time to be surrounded only by real friends.” Ooh, kicking haters to the curb is my favorite! The advice is good but the title of this post is aces.

Whew! That was a lot. But there’s two more on the lighter side: jokes about editors and publishers, and BEST OF THE WEEK, popular sci-fi as IKEA manuals. Hys. Terical.

Have a great week, everyone!

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    Thanks for doing all the legwork for the rest of us, Judy! Congratulations on your new book and all the best for its success!

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