A goal without a plan…

Man, I loved that cartoon. Every night, Brain came up with an awesome plan for taking over the world, and every night, Pinky foiled it. Which lead me to wonder why involve Pinky at all, but I suppose you really can’t leave your friends behind, even if you’re a megalomaniac. Other than the hijinks, what I loved about the cartoon were the elaborate plans Brain came up with every night to achieve his goals. Because we all know (or at least we should) that a goal without a plan is just wishful thinking.

Of course like Brain, plans go awry, or other people get in the way, or we get in our own way, but having a plan is necessary for success. So in an effort to illustrate the whole goal setting and step-planning process, here’s how I’m going to take over the world:

1. Write really awesome book.

2. Send to editor with bottle of smelling salts for when they read it and pass out from its fabulousness.

3. Work with immensely talented design team to create cover that basically jumps into the hands of readers.

4. Mesmerize millions of readers with life-changing prose.

5. Make millions.

6. Answer the door when Spielberg knocks, begging for movie rights.

7. Wear fabulous dress to the movie premiere.

8. Become international sensation.

9. Take over the world.

Nine steps. Totally do-able. I’m on step 1. Only eight more to go!


8 thoughts on “A goal without a plan…

  1. Pavarti says:

    Your plan is totally reasonable and destined to work. You should copywrite it and sell it on infomercials.

    Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what i’m pondering?
    Pinky: I think so Brain, but where are we going to find hot pants in our size?

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