Kidlit drinks night

Last night after BEA a bunch of groovy book people went to Stitch in NYC for some cocktails. It’s always a fun time to be in a room with a bunch of book people, only it was so loud, that you really couldn’t have a conversation. And alcohol only makes people louder and deafer, so things got progressively worse as the night wore on. I lasted just over an hour before ducking out with some folks to a nearby burger joint.

My buddy Karen from Sesame Workshop was there with work friends. I also saw Harold Underdown, who said that the noise was so awful, he was only waiting to say “hi” to me so he could leave. I had to tiptoe to maintain a conversation with him, which was both hysterical and not good at all. He said he’ll have a BEA wrap-up on his blog soon.

Tim Travaglini was there, and you could tell how hot it was in the room by the gradual peeling-off of his layers. First the jacket went. Then the sleeves got rolled up, and eventually, he lost the bowtie. Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t stalking him or anything. He was just in my line of sight.

I also met a woman from Reading is Fundamental, and proceeds from Kidlit night went to their organization. I would have liked to talk to her longer, but like I said, it was incredibly loud.

Word on the street is that some publishers didn’t have any books in their booths. Um. Why? Isn’t BEA about promoting books? But one small press did have a tote bag with a cartoon of a book and an ereader having a conversation which went something like:

ereader: I’m out of battery power.

book: I’m not.

Which was extra-funny when I whipped out my Nook to show off, and it too was out of battery power. (I still love you though, Nook!)

Despite the noise and heat, it was a fun evening, and being around book people every once in a while reminds me of why I write. Because people like this get excited about it.

Have a great Memorial weekend, everyone!

(Monday Mashup will be on Tuesday)

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