You’ve got fan mail

I love getting letters from kids who’ve read ANGEL’S GRACE because they all love the book for different reasons. Some of them get wrapped up in the mystery. Others like the surprise romance. A lot of them respond to the father/daughter bond. And as many letters as I’ve gotten about my debut novel, none of them are the same, and I love that. There are as many responses to it  as there are kids who read it. Which is another reason why that WSJ article last week blasting problem books in YA, and the scarier paranormal stuff as somehow hurting young readers disturbs me. But I’ll leave the comments to the experts and move on.

When I respond to fan mail, I try not to be generic and answer each piece of mail to respond to the questions and suggestions of each kid. It’s so easy to keep a young fan happy by taking the time to address them personally. Why wouldn’t I want to do that? So today I’ll be answering some fan mail. Later gators!