Book 15: BRIDGES

Five teenage boys traverse the frozen ice bridge of Niagara Falls, fueled by boredom, angst, and curiosity about the legendary characters who went before them. But when problems arise and a rescue team attempts to bring them to safety, the boys go further into the gorge, and further into danger, hoping to find a way out themselves.

LeVick intersperses other “tales of Niagara” such as the hermit musician who seeks inspiration in the waters of Niagara, then there is the story that began Niagara’s tradition as a honeymoon spot, the tale of a runaway slave which illuminates Niagara’s part in the underground railroad, and finally the story of an Iroquois boy and the English boy he saves. After each story, we return to the modern day protagonists getting in deeper and deeper trouble.

The narrator says, “Great things usually don’t happen to great people.” And it’s true that the boys who go into the gorge, aren’t (yet) great. But, “things happen to regular people, and great people emerge.” Will it be true for these boys?

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