Tuesday Mashup

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll keep it short.

In response to the YA is bad for you drama of the last week and a half, Sherman Alexie added his thoughts to those of other renowned YA authors in saying all the ways that those “problem” books help kids in real pain, and don’t hurt the ones who aren’t.

While Wired was saying that ebooks are not quite all the way where they need to be yet, someone else was reporting that Kindles represent 10% of Amazon’s market.

Speaking of Amazon, their new “Sunshine Deals” pinpoint the books priced at $0.99, $1.99 and $2.99. Watch out, Big 6! Which is one of the reasons why some say that now is the best time for authors.

Maybe that rejection pile that’s growing on your desk makes you disagree, so here’s a post from Nathan Bransford’s blog about rejection and recovery and how you need to be a writer-athlete. Er, read it. You’ll understand.

If you’re looking for places to get feedback, try the site Critters Writers Workshop. There’s also Backspace which is another writer’s community. And my new favorite, Evil Editor who tells you just why you’re not getting anywhere with your writing.

And in the looking-for-an-agent category, there’s an interview with Sara Megibow over at the blog Mary Baader Kaley (is) Not an Editor.

Finally, a big thank you to the folks over at BooksNJ for a terrific event on Sunday. My family had a great time, especially the kids. (Below, the Non-fiction panel I was on with fellow authors Linda Bozzo and Ann Malaspina.)

Have a terrific week, everyone! And happy writing.

[Image of readers via Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-64102-0002 / CC-BY-SA]