New project: Tiger Lilly Tank

It’s been a while since I’ve knitted anything, and this seems like a perfect summer project: Lion Brand’s Tiger Lilly Tank. I may even knit it in the same colorway as the sample.

I love the simple details at the straps, under the bust and the hem. But I do wish that they provided instructions for knitting it in the round. I absolutely loathe sewing up seams, and I usually do a terrible job. But is that a self-fulfilling prophecy and it turns out badly because I don’t like doing it? Or do I not like doing it because it always turns out badly?



6 thoughts on “New project: Tiger Lilly Tank

  1. Pavarti says:

    ohhh pretty. I pulled out my yarn the other night to make something and was thwarted by missing needles, non-sleeping children and needy dogs… Perhaps tonight.

  2. Lucy D. Walker says:

    Hello Tracey,
    It is so great to see a young one involved in crafts. I love knitting, crocheting, macrame, and sewing. I guess I am telling my age when I say we learned those things in school down south. Great job. Carry on the tradition. Our kids need to know that there are those who are not old retired people like me who still work with their hands. I grew up on a farm and still grow my own vegetables. Well, until this year when all of the goings on in town have taken me away from my garden and put me into a defensive mode, because I’m trying to make sure the children get what they need.



  3. Tracey says:

    Hi Lucy. My daughter has been trying to get me to teacher her how, but she gets impatient too quickly. I need to try again soon.

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