When you’re the dad of a writer…

… you can expect that all the goofy things you’ve done over the years will make it onto the page of a novel,

like the way you consistently mispronounce things, like “tweeter.”

… your umbrage at my mounting rejection letters will be greatly appreciated,

especially when you resort to curse words,

and wonder if “those people in New York” have lost their minds/are idiots.

… you get second (third?) read of my drafts,

however, don’t be mad when I don’t take all of your literary advice,

but I will absolutely take your grammar notes.

… try not to be too embarrassed by that sex scene I slipped into my latest YA.

I clearly don’t know what I’m writing about since I have never had sex despite having been married nearly 12 years and given you 2 grandkids.

… and you read and re-read and the published books until they’re dog-eared and the spine’s broken?

That’s my favorite.

… you get to be thanked on the dedication page,

because I know I wouldn’t be here without you.

Thanks dad!

Happy Father’s Day!