Fit to be read

When you’re an author, competing with thousands of other authors and books released every year, it’s hard to get traction. I know that all too well. So recently, I’ve agreed to help out some fellow authors by reviewing their books. And that sounds pretty great, right? The authors send me nice fresh books in the mail, I read them, and post a review when I’m done. Sounds great, until I start reading.

Now, I don’t mean to say that the books I’ve agreed to review have all been terrible. Where I get into trouble is that despite their relative good-ness, I’m still dissatisfied because a) they’re not in a genre I particularly like, or b) they’re written in a style that I don’t particularly like, or c) yes, they’re bad.

As a reviewer, it’s impossible to know at the start of a book if you’re going to like it or not, which makes me really feel for all of those poor folk who read through the slush pile for a living. I mean, damn. Although, they don’t feel obligated to finish those manuscripts do they? Hmm, maybe I don’t feel so badly for them after all. But as I say… you never know what you’re going to get. And what I’ve been getting of late, has been hit or miss. So this week, I’m taking time off reviewing other people’s books, and reading a sure thing: THE HUNGER GAMES. I have the entire series on my desk waiting. At least this week, I know I’ll be satisfied.


2 thoughts on “Fit to be read

  1. broadsideblog says:

    Yup. I agreed to review on my blogs another recession memoir by someone with the same first name. Thought that would be cute, fun and a good deed, as she agreed to review mine as well. Not so much….I didn’t like the book much, although my two posts about it were positive and got her a lot of views. Then she blew off her part of the bargain.

    You can’t tell how much you’ll like a book until you’re at the end of it. People love my new book or hate it; not much in the middle.

  2. Tracey says:

    It’s true that when you personally agree to review something, it’s hard to write anything negative. I usually can find some positive thing to say, though once I posted a summary of a book without my thoughts. I’m sorry that the person who reviewed your book backed out though. That’s incredibly rude!

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