The Mashup

It’s Monday! Publishing news time! And it’s brief.

Twitter buddy, and hardworkingest (that’s a word, right?) writer, Lauren Baratz-Logstead had some publishing tips over at Women’s Fiction Writers about taking her first book  from traditionally published to e-pub.

Are you ready to pitch your book to an agent or editor? Agent Rachelle Gardener seems to think you may be missing an essential element. Hint: you’re still telling a story.

And if you’re worried about your blog stats and your online marketing efforts to get your name, your novel, or your brand known, and you think it’s not working, Jane Friedman, writing over at Writer Unboxed may know what you’re doing wrong.

Chuck full of good quotes, Pick the Brain gives you  10 writing tips from master writers. My favorite is Leonard’s “leave out the parts that people skip.”

Probably one of the best articles I’ve read about literature in a while, the Literary Review of Canada discusses how reading fiction can be good for you. A research firm claims, among other things that, “reading fiction has worthwhile effects, including potentialities for the transformation of selfhood.” But isn’t that why we all read anyway? Because we do feel ourselves transformed often in the process of reading, and if the book is good enough, in its after-effects? I’m not sure I needed a research firm to tell me that, but it’s a good article anyway.

In other, non-surprising news, the folks over at Goodreads have surmised, by analyzing the responses of readers, that an author’s best-known work may not be their best. Um, duh.

Have a good week everyone, and happy writing.