Darlene Quinn sent me an ARC of WEBS OF FATE to review. On the cover, it’s billed as the prequel to the national award-winning WEBS OF POWER, which one of my other twitter buddies was reading at the time. So I had high hopes. But I’m sorry to say they were soon dashed.

With apologies to Ms. Quinn, who clearly works very hard on her craft, and who is obviously quite successful, I didn’t enjoy this story. I’m hoping that my dislike is for the genre: a detective thriller involving a high-end store, a beautiful and desirable blond, and an 80’s setting. Part of my balking at the book was also the 80’s fashion setting. I just don’t find that interesting. But where I had a real departure was with the characters whose choices were so beyond reason, that I shut the book several times in frustration. For e.g. the main character’s car gets blown up moments after she was inside it. But she still makes her morning meeting, and doesn’t bother to tell anyone until much later. Then the response of her boss is so lacking in surprise or concern, that I wonder why she doesn’t simply quit. The missing girl in the book’s reasoning for doing all of the Very Bad Things that sets the story in motion is so dumb and flimsy that it’s really a testament to Ms. Quinn’s ability to spin a yarn out of nothing that 512 pages could be written about it. Pretty much all of the character’s choices and responses so bend the bounds of logical reasoning, that I have to wonder how POWER managed to become a national award-winning piece.

Honestly, I’m confused. Maybe I just don’t get it. And I’m hoping that it’s just me because there is no doubt that Ms. Quinn is an excellent writer. I only wish she’d written something else.