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I got into a discussion yesterday about books and covers. I was talking about BOSSYPANTS, which I read and enjoyed, but which I never would have picked up because the cover is so freakish. And then my husband sent me a link to Andrew Clements’ new book, TROUBLE MAKER, and I was telling him that most of his covers have the same format and are done by the same artist, and isn’t that a great way to create a signature look, because anytime I see a Clements cover, I know who wrote it. Of course, Clements isn’t the only author who does this. J.A. Konrath, king of self-pub, has made sure that all of his Jack Daniels books have similar covers. Of course it’s a series so that’s a no-brainer, but he goes the extra mile and names all of the books in that series after alcoholic beverages. Smart and smarter.

Clements’ books aren’t part of a series, but they are all about middle school kids in school settings, and the cover illustrations have a lot of  child-friendly appeal.

Then I got to thinking about book covers that I do like, and came up with these. (Of course, I add my own book cover because, they did a FANTASTIC job with it.)

So, what are your favorite book covers?


4 thoughts on “Books and covers

  1. Mutterschwester says:

    Those Clements covers are really great – and I definitely think that consistency in a serious is a must. I can’t think of any off the top of my head that I LOVE, but I know I get all bent out of shape when the movie covers come out.

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