Monday mashup

Publishing news! All in one place! You’re welcome!

Probably a favorite among all my teacher friends who have gathered massive libraries over the years: reports that book owners have smarter kids. Though it’s not so much that they’re smarter, but they stay  in school longer.

Speaking of home libraries for kids, I came across Pride and Prejudice for infants. Cute, but why? I’m not sure how Mr. Darcy appeals to babies who still like to gum their books. There’s Romeo and Juliet too. How do they handle the poison?

Maybe more babies reading classics will create more child geniuses. Until then, has a list of the 10 greatest literary child geniuses. They include favorite characters from classic kid lit, like Charles Wallace, but the commenters seem to think they’ve missed quite a few. Check it out.

The Well-fed black writer talks about how to use your book to promote your book! Some ingenious writer found a way to imbed a Tweet button in her ebook which means that the book’s readers can promote it with one click from the book itself. Now THAT is smart marketing.

Another smart move for writers is networking with other writers. According to Julie Anne Lindsay, there are great benefits to networking with fellow colleagues. Writers like supporting their fellow colleagues, so it only stands to reason that they’d help you support your book. I know I would!

One great advantage to networking with fellow writers is to commisserate over the misery when things don’t go your way, and have people to high-five you through the good stuff when they do (does that happen?) like how hearing that THE HELP was rejected by 60 agents before Kathryn Stockett found someone to take her and her story on.

One writer who was published 6 years ago (like me!) talks about how book marketing has changed in such a short time. What do you need to do now that you didn’t need to do then? Um, everything?

With  all the new publishing ventures out there, how do agents and booksellers feel about Amazon’s foray into the publishing business? Is it good for them? For books? It seems that everyone’s being polite and waiting to see what happens, but there’s tension just beneath the surface. Interesting.

And finally, some fun stuff… one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie is shilling desk supplies. I like the giant notebook. I dare you to fill a notebook like that. I also like the desk, but whose desk looks like this?

And I love this poem about knit brows, not to mention the pictures of hairy eye-toppers that goes with it. Yikes!