Online Life vs. Real Life

My son, who fell asleep doing his Spanish homework knows all about fatigue. Who doesn't want to spend more time with him? Even if it's just snuggling!

I haven’t posted to this blog since August 19th. It wasn’t a conscious decision to take a hiatus. I stopped because I have been dealing with a serious illness that has taken me out of my life for most of this year, and will continue to do so for many months. Being forced to stop my regular routines has  made me think about what’s really necessary in my life. Besides the obvious: more time with family, more time working on my passion, less of the people/things that cause me stress, I’ve had to think about how I spend my time online vs. my face time with Real Humans and the blank screen, or unedited page.

I’m not  alone. Nathan Bransford recently discussed “blog fatigue” and said that he’d be posting less. J.A. Konrath is on hiatus for an indefinite time. Like him, I also thought about opening up this blog to guest posts. I posed the question about blog fatigue to the people in my G+ writing circles and the “likers” over at Tracey Baptiste Writes on Facebook, to similar results.

For me, cutting back is a necessary, and welcome, change. I’ve enjoyed not having to post every day. I didn’t even realize I’d put so much pressure on myself. It also frees up my time to read and knit more. And the blog didn’t hurt because my blog stats actually went up. Why? Who knows?

And since I’m not alone, I’m throwing the question out to you. How do you deal with balancing your online and real life? Have you also cut back on blogging? How big do you think this trend is?


2 thoughts on “Online Life vs. Real Life

  1. Heather says:

    It’s so hard to balance online v real life. I feel sometimes the are so completely separate! I fluctuate back and forth with how much time I spend on each, but always end up wanting more in my real life! I do think both are important for me as a human v. a mom/wife.
    Good question girly!
    Also, way to fight girl! You are an awesome, brave, person! Love you!

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks, H. You know I have always been a homebody and tend not to go out and DO STUFF, but since this has happened, I’ve wanted to go out more, enjoy random stuff with everyone, so as soon as I’m better and I’m able, I’ll probably be spending even less time online. Nothing wrong with that!

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