24 mittens dangling

So the mitten advent calendar is finally finished! Whew! That was a lot of tiny mittens.

Before you feast your eyes on the wonder that is my creativity, here’s how the whole thing came about: I had three problems. 1) I wanted to get the kids a beautiful, really unique, and preferably home-made advent calendar. 2) I fell in love with a mitten garland that I saw at Anthropologie. 3) I wanted something to decorate the stairs. Talk about killing three birds with one ambitious little garland!

Well, using a pattern I found on Lion Brand and eight skeins of yarn I had sitting in my stash, I made this:

Here it is from the dining room looking up.

None of the 24 stripe patterns are repeated, so each mitten is a unique little holder, just perfect for a small toy or piece of candy. We’ll be using this next year because the kids are already more than 1/2 way into the cardboard, commercially-bought, chocolate-filled advent calendars I picked up this year. In the meantime, our advent mitten garland will simply grace the main banister, looking extra adorable.

For the record, I changed colors every 4 rows, and did a 5 color repeat. Since there are 7 color changes, the 1st 2 colors at the cuff are also the last 2 colors at the tip of the fingers. And now you have everything you need to know to repeat my little advent feat. But if you do, let me know where you’ve posted your picture, huh? I’d love to see yours.

And in case you want your advent tradition to be more than a countdown to toy bliss, here’s a list of bible verses, one for each of the 24 nights, to help you and your kids count down to the big day. My guys look forward to it every night.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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