This week in writing… unlucky edition

You know… cuz it’s Friday the 13th? Oh never mind.

There was a lot of great writing news this week. Here’s a round-up in case you missed anything.

Someone new for you to query: Joy Peskin joins Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group as VP and Editorial Director of Farrar, Straus, and Giroux BFYR.

Have you seen Joe Sabia’s TED Talk on the Technology of Storytelling? It’s very entertaining, and quite informative.

Agent Jill Corcoran compiled some essential links for picture book writers. They are extensive interviews with the Editorial Director of HarperCollins Children’s books and the Editorial Director at Golden Books/Random House.

Are you planning to go to the Writer’s Digest conference next weekend? Agent Kari Stuart reminds us that she will be among over 60 agents at the event. Polish that pitch!

On January 25th, Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver, and her son Theo Baker will be talking about writing collaborations at Books of Wonder in NYC. It’s one of my all time favorite bookstores!

If you’re not familiar with The Shatzkin Files, you should be. Mike Shatzkin always has great insight on the publishing industry. This week, was no exception with Some Things That Were True About Publishing For Decades Aren’t True Anymore. Like cutting back on the midlist. Will we never catch a break?

UK happy meals go literary with books instead of toys. I’m told Chick-fil-A already does this in the U.S. I guess I’d need to live further south to know that.

This week, Bank Street listed its picture book awards semi-finalists. The last title is a big favorite in our house. That kooky bear!

Channeling her funny dad, Jon Scieska’s daughter, Casey, and an illustrator friend answered the question you were afraid to ask: what if picture book animals wound up on the cover of National Geographic. Hilariousness, is what.

Wanna give away books to complete strangers and hopefully entice them to read? That’s what World Book Night is all about. Sign up on Facebook.

Looks like optimism is waning in the world of publishing as publishers deal with the transition to digital books. And how do you feel about that… hmm?

One of my favorite authors, Francesca Lia Block, is giving away Dangerous Angels with bonus materials free on Amazon for a limited time. Just so you know… I own a Nook, and though they say it’s not transferable from Kindle to other devices, it is. So click away.

Author Mindy Greenstein, Ph.D. explores Why We Write in this article from Psychology Today. I hate giving Psy Today any press after their blatant racism, but that’s not Mindy’s fault.

If you’re new to the world of children’s writing, Harold Underdown is always a terrific resource. And he’s just updated his Manuscript Format Basics. I get so many questions about that from newbies. Thanks, Harold!

And finally, want to know what books do when you’re not looking? Then this video is for you.

And finally, finally, in case you missed it, in collaboration with some of my editor friends, we’ve launched a new editorial venture, Fairy Godauthor. For all your writing and editing needs. Your wishes… our command.


3 thoughts on “This week in writing… unlucky edition

  1. Beth Stilborn says:

    I’m so glad my google alerts on children’s writing led me to your blog! This is a wonderful summary of what’s up in the kidlit world, and it will take me some time to mine all the treasures. Thank you! (and I just love that video of the secret life of books).

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Beth. I’m glad you found the blog and that the information was relevant to you. I try to do a roundup of publishing news weekly, though I’ve been lax of late. But I’ll keep it up! And I’ll check out your blog.
    Thanks again!

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