This week in writing… big banana edition

There was a whole lot of big-name action this week. Did you hear about the Amazon/Goodreads thing? Wow. And then Stephen Colbert interviewed Maurice Sendak. And Apple got a bunch of educational publishers to a table to discuss THE FUTURE. It’s enough to make a girl’s head spin. So let’s get to it.

Amazon decided to throw its weight around this week by asking Goodreads to remove all their book data that came directly from Amazon. Authors were in a panic on Tuesday when they realized they had to rescue their books, thinking that Goodreads was targeting indie authors. Not so. Even I got a notice from Goodreads to rescue one of my non-fiction titles. Not cool, Amazon.

Did you know that McGraw-Hill and Apple were partners? Me either. But the iBooks 2 app is still a bit of a head-scratcher for MGH, so on Thursday there was a sit-down to figure it all out.

Everyone loves Seuss. How’d he get his start again? Right. Mulberry Street.

Want your characters to feel more real? This post teaches you the tricks to “deep POV” even for 3rd person.

How do books get on the bestseller lists? And how do I get mine on there!!!

Do you read every day? You don’t? Then maybe you shouldn’t be a writer.

Something else for writers to aspire to aside from the pleasure of having your story reach so many people, is the possibility of some awesome digs. Check out these writer estates.

And as if the houses weren’t enough, maybe you just want your prose to inspire a cool tattoo.

Yesterday, Lee and Low announced that they had acquired Children’s Book Press with this tweet: @LEEandLOW: BIG news: We’ve acquired Children’s Book Press. Lee and Low is moving steadily into the big time. We’re just glad they got CBP and not Amazon. Yikes!

And one of my favorite tv personalities talks to one of my favorite authors. That sound you hear is my head exploding.

And here’s part 2: