This week in writing… still bumbling edition

Ready for that book signing? Here’s a to do and not to do list for that indie bookstore that’s hosting you.

For all the kicking up of dust that ebooks are causing in the traditional publishing world, this is really where things need to be going. Enhanced ebooks with audio or video components would be just the thing a traditional publisher could do better than an indie, and where the wheat will once again separate from the chaff, as it were. (Over on Facebook, Arthur Levine and I differed in our opinions on this. He’s the pro, so I’d back him if I were you.)

Exercising all the muscles they have, Amazon gets some physical space by opening a brick and mortar store in Seattle. The store isn’t selling any books, though. 😦 or maybe 🙂

Did you know that Tuesday was Charles Dickens’ birthday? He would have been 200. In celebration, my 9 year old cracked open her brand new copy of Oliver Twist… and then put it down in favor of the new Wimpy Kid book.

Have you heard of The Brown Bookshelf? I was featured there on Wednesday as an “under the radar” author. It’s a pretty cool site, actually, and great for writers who are struggling to get known. Check them out.

What’s the best way to help that writer you love? This is how.

It may seem like New York is the center of the publishing world, but there are a lot of other great books out there. Here’s a list of the 36 best international books of the past year. Kid lit only, guys. Sorry.

The always provocative and thoughtful Mike Shatzkin weighs in on this Amazon/Barnes & Noble mess. Is it a chess game or a clusterf….? A thorough (read: long) post, and a good discussion in the comments section.

And finally, last weekend I picked up a copy of Sendak’s new book Bumble-Ardy, turns out I recognized the plot from a Sesame Street clip from many years back. And here it is. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “This week in writing… still bumbling edition

  1. Deborah Batterman says:

    Reading about the Amazon/B&N is dizzying enough . . .all the more reason to appreciate the Mike Shatzkin link. And I would guess you can easily imagine where I weigh in re: doing things for authors you love. Speaking of which, you have a wonderful way of weeding through the thick and the thin of what we writers need to know.

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks Deborah. I figure paying attention to what’s happening in publishing for myself should benefit all my fellow writers out there. Cuz writing is tough enough without having to weed through everything on your own!

  3. That Unique* Weblog says:

    Great list of links to come back to when I’m more awake. Hearing that Amazon opened a B&M store reminded me of the eBay store in 40 Year Old Virgin. Funny stuff – I have to admit, you won’t find me in one of them. I tend to use Amazon to research and then buy in my local stores. Go figure.

    One of my clients wrote a fun post about Charles Dickens –> Dickensian. If you’re interested:

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