Two truths

Today is Ash Wednesday. (All of my Trinidadian compatriots are exhausted from the carnival festivities, and are right now, going to work and school tired, hung-over, and reeling from the blur of the last few weeks. I’m so jealous!) Lent is a time for reflection and sacrifice that’s carved out especially for Christians, but even if you’re not Christian, or non-religious, you will naturally come to a time when you do want to reflect on who you are as a person, or where you are with your life aspirations, and make a few course corrections. Lent gives us 40 days to kick it into gear. I’ve been told that it takes 30 days for anyone to either break or create a habit, so by day 40, if you stick to whatever it is, you should have it in the bag.

And since Ash Wednesday is the day when we think about our own mortality (Catholics get a physical reminder in the cross of ashes on our foreheads), I’m going to leave you with a quote that I think is beneficial, regardless of your belief system, or your aspirations in life.

“Keep two truths in your pocket, and take them out according to the need of the moment. Let one be: for my sake was the world created. And the other: I am dust and ashes.” — Simcha Bunim, rabbi.

Don’t we all need one or the other of these at times?


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