This week in writing…golden edition

So many “golden” moments this week from Rowling’s new book, to great librarian comments, and least of all, an Oscar roundup. Enjoy!

The biggest news this week (at least for the grownups who love Harry Potter) is that J.K. Rowling is set to release an adult title soon. No word on the title, or the genre, only that it’s not aimed at kids. For this venture, she switched publishers. Sorry Bloomsbury!

Because you can’t go a week without talking about Amazon (remember the ’80’s when you couldn’t go a day without mentioning Madonna?) here’s the requisite Amazon post. Stephen Colbert and guest Ann Parnassus discuss the merits of a brick and mortar bookstore, and bash Jeff Bezos in the process. If you look through the comments, a librarian named Arlene has some choice things to say. I know Arlene. She’s a librarian in my neck of the woods, and she’s super smart.

Speaking of smart librarians… I’ve mentioned before that they’re sick and tired of publishers denying them the rights to ebooks. Well, things took a bit of a turn this week. While last year they were up in arms over HarperCollins restricting how many times they could lend an ebook, now that others aren’t letting them have access to any, Harper is looking like a rose. Only, is it wise to cave? One annoyed librarian (not Arlene) takes issue there.

In more weird library news, is the story of Andy Warhol’s shooter and how she defaced a copy of her own  book at the New York Public Library. We’ve all wanted to go back and edit things that we’ve published, but this took it a tad far.

As if there wasn’t enough to pay attention to in publishing, there now may be a new genre. No, it’s not the long-awaited new title for non-fiction. It’s called chick non-fiction, and it was coined by someone trying to insult the new book on the Obamas (and it’s writer), but we girls think we really like it! So ha!

Over at Publisher’s Weekly, there’s some conflicting data over whether teens are embracing ebooks. Let me tell you this. I have a tween (is a 9 year old a tween yet?) and she loves my Nook. I also have a 5 year old, who really loves the interactive books on my Nook. So if teens aren’t embracing ebooks yet, the kids coming up behind them are, so in a couple of years… Moral of that story: create content for them. That’s all I’m saying.

And speaking of creating content… the inevitable question of self-publishing. Should you do it? Well, if there’s a smart way to do it, this article will help you figure it out. And here’s a link to the author’s book.

If you haven’t already, head over to my Facebook page where there are some hysterical opening lines to the story of this cat:

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Are you going to watch the Oscars this weekend? I am. I had no idea that eleven of the nominated movies are book adaptations. Go books! And if you’re feeling as unprepared as I am, let the Film Fatales help you figure it all out before you sit back with your popcorn to ridicule the outfits… I mean… see who wins.

And because I always feel the need to leave you with a video, here’s OK G0 and their musical drive. Genius!