The Vampire’s Zombie Cat Ch. 16

Vern was reading quietly when…

The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies is an actual book by the very alive writer, Lynn Messina. Check it out through the links below.

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Join us for a live twitterview with the author on Saturday, March 10th at 4 PM EST. Search #emlyn on Twitter, and bring your questions for this lively chat.


13 thoughts on “The Vampire’s Zombie Cat Ch. 16

  1. Lynn Messina says:

    Ha! I love the concept of a zompire. I feel a sequel coming on…
    Thanks for a wonderful strip. I have never been comic-adjacent before. It’s lots of fun.
    And thanks for hosting the Girls’ Guide.

  2. Cassandra Parkin says:

    I’d love to vote for your blog but I can’t make the link work! Is there any chance you could repost it? Or is it time-limited and I missed the window?

    I’ve often wondered what would happen if a zombie and a vampire bit each other at exactly the same time. Would they catch each other’s cooties, and become shambling, drooling creatures with super-strength and super-speed and a taste for blood as well as brains? Or (since they’re technically undead already) would nothing at all happen? The world needs to know.

  3. Tracey says:

    So what you’re saying is… I’m a zombie nearly every morning after unsuccessfully trying to get my son to eat his breakfast. 😛

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