Writing dangerously

This morning I came across this Oscar Wilde quote: An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

Which makes me think of all the times I’ve been afraid to write something because I think it might be too explosive, or upsetting, or unkind. As you work, do you sometimes censor yourself? For whom? And is it worth it to censor yourself and risk stifling your own voice, or an idea that could really  affect your reader?


5 thoughts on “Writing dangerously

  1. Francesca Zelnick says:

    I struggle with this constantly. It’s so difficult to know what people will respond to, and how. I am consistently surprised by which posts get more attention and become meaningful to others. But here’s the thing – Oscar was write. If we only appeal to others, we aren’t being true to ourselves. And the thing I’ve found about the more “controversial” posts is that a surprising amount of people agree with me. They understand. It is brave to speak what isn’t spoken. It is honest and real. And I think that’s something others really respond to. Your voice becomes apparent on the page.

    Sometimes I pick one person to write to, who I know will agree, and that helps me feel comfortable with being a little “edgy.” It helps me to speak my own truth.

    Great quote and questions! It really inspired me this morning!

  2. Maria S McDonald says:

    I don’t censor myself until I go through the editing work. I put everything in – the good, the shocking, the downright ugly. I’m constantly reminded that humans are flawed, that none of us are perfect, so we can’t just write all the good/lovey-dovey stuff all the time.

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