Fearless fiction

There was an interesting post at Lantern Hollow Press last week about writing as emotional purge. And then I found this Albert Camus quote:

Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.

Which is exactly what it is. We hide in the pages of our work, because only there can we be as honest as we’re afraid to be in real life. In fiction, we’re fearless. True?


5 thoughts on “Fearless fiction

  1. susan weisser says:

    I love the quote. But then what would you say about memoir, if the “real” truth is in fiction?

  2. rnfontenot says:

    I’d say so. Truth is a matter of perception. Fiction is a matter of protection. All the social injustices, ill-will, regret, joy, triumph, etc. is found in fiction. I believe partly because we gain control of the (sometimes) uncontrollable. The characters in a story are little more than real life experience, or what you want that experience to be.

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