Are you writing blind?

“I went through a period once when I felt like I was dying. I wasn’t writing any poetry, and I felt that if I couldn’t write I would split. I was recording in my journal, but no poems came. I know now that this period was a transition in my life. The next year, I went back to my journal, and here were these incredible poems I could almost lift out of it… These poems came right out of the journal. But I didn’t see them as poems then.” –Audre Lorde

We all have those times when the writing doesn’t seem to be coming. We feel that the muse has abandoned us. But perhaps, we are blind to our own talent.

6 thoughts on “Are you writing blind?

  1. Catherine Stine says:

    Not right now, but I do sometimes run out of steam. I believe in free-writes during those times. When my students are between projects I also give them lots of fun prompts, which almost always lead them into new work.

  2. Tracey says:

    I felt really grateful to come across this quote today, too. Writing is exhausting and we all need a little push sometimes, whether it’s to start looking at what we’ve done in a different way, or to be inspired by something that comes to us.

  3. injaynesworld says:

    There have been so many times when all I’ve got is a scrap of this or a snippet of that and I just jot them down and file them away. When I’m feeling barren of ideas to write, I often open the file and darned if more often than not something will resonate and start the juices flowing again. Nothing is ever wasted.

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