The write mindset

Kids building their own cupcake toppings at the Lego party. Can you see the Lego brick candy and minifigure candy that my husband made himself? I hope you can cuz it was awesome!

A friend invited me to join her at the gym this morning. I usually workout at home (and by workout I mean stare at my stepper and eat a cookie) so I figured I’d be social and get in an actual workout at the same time. The thing about knowing that you’re going to the gym right after dropping off the kids is:

1) After making 2 chocolate milks for the kids, you do not make a 3rd for yourself for your morning beverage.

2) You do not eat the last cupcake form your son’s birthday party for breakfast.

3) You get dressed appropriately and don’t bother to put on makeup.

So here’s the thing. While prepping for going to the gym, I started to feel energized about doing something good for my body. I read somewhere once that just getting dressed to workout, because your mind is already in that mode, you start to burn calories. (No, you can’t just get dressed for the gym and then go eat a cookie. It doesn’t work that way. Nice thought though!)

Getting in the right mindset for going to the gym made different choices necessary for me this morning. The choices affected me both physically and mentally. Just as knowing that I’m going to write makes certain choices necessary, like clearing off my desk, making sure the phone is nowhere near me, ensuring the kids are otherwise occupied, wearing something that resembles real work clothes (I don’t write in sweats… well I am right now, but I just came from the gym!) and turning my mind on to the work ahead.

Every day, you’ve got to get ready to work, and in getting ready, you get energized for it.

How do you get prepped?


7 thoughts on “The write mindset

  1. elizabeth says:

    I just joined a gym yesterday. I was so thrilled that I did go the make up route because they took my picture, I could see getting into a fist fight (how many calories would that be?) if they made me do that sans makeup. that is what sunglasses are for. I agree we have to be ready to do it and just like going to work – the clothes make a statement. Good luck. I plan of dazzling them all in a couple of months! 🙂

  2. Tracey says:

    Losing baby weight is the toughest thing because you’re already so exhausted from looking after the baby that it’s hard to motivate yourself to do anything else. Running after a baby burns calories, so why doesn’t the weight go bye bye? Peculiar.

    As for the gym… I’m already exhausted from over-doing it my first day out. That’s always the way with me. Then I ache for a week. But I like to push myself physically. That’s a trait from my ballerina days. I’d just keep going until I fell on the floor in a heap. It’s a wonder I never had any injuries.

  3. Nan says:

    Hmmm, I have been trying to get my freelance jobs done AFTER a full day at work, and totally failing. For example, here I am catching up with my favourite bloggy peeps instead of writing an article that is DUE SOON. Perhaps the gym clothes system will work? Come home from work and put on a writing hat? What do you think? I could get a hat like the Cat in the Hat, that’s pretty authorial!

    When I was working entirely from home, I definitely worked better when I got out of my jammies and dressed properly.

  4. debatterman says:

    Okay, I laughed out loud at the mention of the third cupcake not for consumption. Many years ago, I took up serious jogging for the simple reason that I could not bear to go from bed to typewriter (remember those days?). It clearly set a pattern — I often need some physical activity — even just a walk — before I’m fully revved up to work.

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