Challenge accepted!

My friend Lois posted this picture on Facebook recently. And as I’ve been writing a story that includes a La Diabless (La Jah-BLESS: a woman from Caribbean folklore who preys on men and has a cow hoof) she challenged me to write one where “Ma Laja” as she dubbed her, needs to wear these. OK, Lois. It’s on.


4 thoughts on “Challenge accepted!

  1. Anne Chaconas says:

    La Diabless–that’s interesting. In Latin American culture, we have something similar–an entity called “La Llorona” (“The Crying Woman”). La Llorona has a curvaceous woman’s body, long, flowing dark hair–and a horse’s face. She stands at the edges of rivers or lakes, facing the body of water, often naked, and softly sobs. The sobs–as well as the tempting nakedness–are meant to attract men to her; once they get close, she turns around and, well, the men cease to exist (although we’re never told exactly what happens to them). Interesting to note that a version of the same woman/livestock folklore exists in the Caribbean!

  2. Tracey says:

    It is very similar. The La Diabless stands at the side of the road at night to entice passing men. As with La Llorona, we’re never told how she dispatches with her victims, but they are also never seen again.

  3. sarahbutland says:

    Wow – these “shoes” intrigue me as does this creature from folklore. Things like this often make me ponder what people will conjure up when they think of us in many years our future.

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