Enter the skeletons

Writing is hard. Not because of the awful mechanics of finding just the right word to affect the reader in just the right way, but because it is often painful. We are tasked with telling the truth, and a lot of the time, the truth ain’t pretty. Telling the truth takes more than courage. It’s down and dirtier than that. It takes balls. It’s about ripping away everything and standing naked for all the world to see. Worse. It’s about revealing your darkest secrets.

If you have a skeleton in your closet, take it out and dance with it.

— Carolyn MacKenzie.

Do you have the balls?

[Image from wikimedia commons]


9 thoughts on “Enter the skeletons

  1. Britton Minor says:

    And then there’s this (inspired by the photo): the balls it takes to write truthfully are also stripped away from us in our skeletal stage. We are left with bony sockets, all the hanging bits having been poured into our challenging yet rich lives…

    This is what happens if I write prior to eating. 🙂

  2. abl31175 says:

    All I can think of right now is the AC/DC song “Big Balls”, You’ve got big balls, we’ve got big balls…yeah I’m like a 12 year old sometimes. 🙂 Great badass post!

  3. Tracey says:

    @ abl: aaaand now I have that song in my head.
    @ Catherine: I thought the skeleton image was pretty good too, Catherine. Like it stepped on a splinter while dancing and had to take a look.
    @ Bookish: Glad you can make a writing exercise out of it. If you post it somewhere, let us know so we can take a look.

  4. Allegro non tanto says:

    You’re right–the truth ain’t pretty. But when we open ourselves up and tell our secrets, others are able to do the same, and then we become connected. Which is really what life is all about anyway. I so enjoy reading your posts, Tracey.

  5. injaynesworld says:

    Do I have balls? Well, the subtitle of my blog is “… where nothing is sacred.” As a writer, if you’re not offending someone, you’re not doing your job. At least, this is my belief. Because you’re right. The truth ain’t pretty and everyone has their own perception of it.

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