Moving on to the next book…

“If next year nobody can remember my name, I can still work hard. Because I know how to work hard. If nobody likes my next book, I’ll put it in the drawer and I’ll write the next book.” — Tama Janowitz

I have found myself in this  situation. No one seems to like my latest book… at least, not well enough. So I have some choices. I can choose to self-publish, I can choose to soldier on to smaller houses, or I can choose to move on to the next book.


10 thoughts on “Moving on to the next book…

  1. Karen Berthine says:

    Sorry for my ignorance … what’s MG? .I am currently working on a mystery novel … the key characters are women (except for one). I’m thinking about self-publishing in iBooks.

  2. jennigreenmiller says:

    I admire you for looking at it as having choices rather than being met with defeat. I also admire you for even writing a book in the first place. Inspiring.

  3. Tracey says:

    I’ll look into Pugalicious, Hannah. I haven’t compiled a list of smaller houses yet. That’s on my to-do list for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. jamiebmusings says:

    I’d definitely keep sending it out and even consider self publishing it at some point in the future while also looking to your next book. Even some of the most successful singers/writers had something rejected over and over before someone saw the potential in it and took a chance.

  5. Call_Me_Bookish says:

    I love this post because it just reaffirms my belief that life is too short. It’s too short to worry about what people think or to obsess over how someone will interrupt your actions. If you like it, write it. If it doesn’t work, then it’s on to the next thing. Good luck with your new MG, Tracey! #KeepItMovin’

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