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So… I’ve been nominated for a few blogger awards, and I have really slacked on responding to any of them. I apologize. I have been tagged for the Beautiful Blogger award, the Candlelighter Award, and the Creative Blogger award. All of these require that I tell a few things about myself, and tag other bloggers. Since I’m combining, I’m going to do things a little bit differently. You can always count on me to break rules.

7 things about me:

1. I get overwhelmed easily. Like, having to do this post feels huge and crushing to me. Of course, once it’s done, I’ll ask myself why I got so worked up about it.

2. I have no respect for people who ignore basic parking laws. Like parking in the fire zone to drop your kids off in the morning. Not OK.

3. I like terrible SciFi, like Mansquito. Have you seen it? You should. It’s awesome. Or try Sharktopus.

4. My husband asked me to our High  School prom and I turned him down. That’s his excuse for never officially asking me to marry him.

5. I am much more shy than people think.

6. If you want me to go into instant hysterics, show me any picture of David Hasselhoff. Preferably one of him on a motorcycle, or showing man-cleavage.

7. If I wasn’t always working so friggin’ hard, I think I could be the laziest person ever.

Blogs I read and LOVE:

Anne Chaconas — fellow writer and mom, and she has a worse potty mouth than me. 🙂 Anne nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award yesterday.

Amelia Curzon — the author of Mungai and the Goa Constrictor, and a very generous writer/blogger. Amelia nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award today.

Lena’s Lit Life — the author of Edges, and a super cool person.

Mainely Hopeful — a fellow cancer survivor blogs about her treatment, with an always optimistic attitude. Go girl!

The Monster’s Ink — forever snarky and political, Alyson Miers says the things that need to be said.

The Sweaty Knitter — Karen’s a fellow yarn whore, though she’s much more prolific than I.

The Writing Sisters — Laurie Myers and Betsy Duffey are the daughters of Betsy Byars and have an inspirational blog that I can’t wait to read every day.

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