Well played, Universe

Sunday’s solar eclipse from Japan via space.com

So on Friday I was very busy telling all of you that when an idea comes, you should get it down immediately, or you’ll lose it. I chatted about keeping notebooks nearby on my Facebook pages (Tracey Writes and Fairy Godauthor) and dispensed reams of advice.


On Saturday morning, I was awoken by a small child sitting on my legs, while a very interesting story was playing in my dreams. Even while still asleep, and trying to knock said small child off of me I thought, “hey, this would make a good picture book.” Which is really a revelation because I seriously suck at picture books. Anyway, I woke up, and because I’d spent the day before up to my eyeballs in giving all that awesome advice on the subject, I knew I couldn’t let this one slip away. Only, where were all my stupid notebooks? Pen? Paper? Why did I clean the pile o’ crap that was next to my side of the bed just the day before?

I eyed the smooth light brown skin on the small child. It would make a good temporary notebook. (No, I was not kidding about that.) He must have read my mind, because he skittered away just out of reach. I was too sleepy to pursue. Then he demanded breakfast. Fortunately, his father groggily obliged.

Yesterday’s eclipse as viewed from space

Without paper or pen I went to the bathroom to splash  water on my face, all the while, trying to keep the story in my head. Eventually, I woke up enough to remember that my office is right next to my bedroom, and that there’s plenty of paper and pens in there! So I grabbed a notebook and stumbled downstairs, where my husband presented the family with a bacon and egg breakfast. What a saint!

And while scarfing down some piping hot bacon, and before the whole thing disappeared from my brain, I wrote down everything I could remember from the dream.

And I have to tell you, I was right. It did sound like a good picture book. As soon as breakfast was over, I pitched the idea to the family. They all seemed to like it. That night, I wrote it all down and shared it with my husband. He thought it was great. The following night, after I made a couple of tweaks, I shared it with my daughter. She said it was really funny.

I may have actually written a viable children’s book.

Now, I ask you this: Was the universe testing me with that idea to see if I would take my own advice? OR did the universe send me that quote on Friday knowing that I’d get this idea on Saturday morning, and I’d need Hakuta’s advice?

11 thoughts on “Well played, Universe

  1. S P Mount says:

    I always remember to jot stuff down, well type it anyway, the issue is remembering to go back into my ‘ideas’ folder which is stuffed with them; my mind always overworking the way it does; inspiration everywhere I turn to the point it might drive me mad – if it didn’t already.

    I actually wrote a really long response here initially, the whole mention of where ideas come from turning into a more personal blog post of its own, perhaps, so I’ll leave it here, except to say that I think the VERY best ideas DO stick with you, forgotten temporarily, pen and paper around, or not.

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m like you, SP, I have more ideas than I know what to do with sometimes. I feel like there should be more of me to get them all down. I want to believe that the best ideas do stick around. I hope they do.

  3. injaynesworld says:

    The Universe is constantly testing us and yes, it often has a wicked sense of humor, but I’ve learned to rely on its guidance and trust the path it lays out for me. How interesting that you came up with an idea for a children’s book while a child was sitting on you as you slept… There are no accidents. 😉

  4. Tracey says:

    I didn’t think of it that way, Jayne. I wonder if he prompted the story, even. Hmmm….

    Catherine, better get a handle on those slips of paper before they get lost!

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