Honey, your aura don’t look so good

Alicia, Lois (who prompted me to write Ma Laja), and me at age 13.

When I was about thirteen, my best friend, Alicia and I met an older student on the steps outside of Chemistry class one day. She was probably only sixteen, but to us she seemed sophisticated and mature. She told us that she could see our auras. We believed her–or more likely, I believed, while Alicia reserved judgment. She told us that our auras were pretty. And then one day, she told us that something had changed. Alicia’s was green and splotchy, while mine had turned dark and grey.

“Have you been studying?” she asked.

Alicia snarfed. Me, study? I was flunking pretty much everything–especially Chemistry. It was right around the time I discovered that I might be good at writing novels, so naturally, schoolwork just got in the way of my career path.

“Yeah, I’ve been studying,” I lied.

“That’s what it is, then,” she said. “That’s why your aura is so dull.”

I remember this story because my work schedule has been brutal the last few weeks. While I’m thrilled to be writing for people, and editing client manuscripts, the pace has left me totally exhausted, to the point that at some point yesterday, I could actually feel my  body shutting down on me. I could feel my aura dissipate.

At about the same time, my friend Alicia called. Seems we’d both been thinking about each other for the last couple of days, and both feeling exhausted, had reached for the phone a few times, but never managed to finish dialing. She beat me to it. I reminded her of when she was an over-scheduled kid and she had said, “The more I have to do, the more I get done.” Present-day Alicia doesn’t remember ever saying such a thing, and was surprised that thirteen-year-old-Alicia had. She certainly didn’t feel that way any more.

We got off the phone still resigned to our respective over-scheduled lives. And then I remembered that I’m trying to listen to the Universe these days. So come hell or high water today, I am going to find some time to coax my aura back around me, and generate a pretty color straight from my soul. Something in a pink or purple. Maybe with spots of yellow. Because I may not be able to do anything about how much work I have, but I can definitely take a moment to spruce up my own aura.


6 thoughts on “Honey, your aura don’t look so good

  1. Sharon Burford says:

    Oh gosh..loving the photo..brings back so many good memories. 🙂 Put on some 80s music and go and dance wildly around the livingroom while playing air guitar (or handy tennis racket) I guarantee that aura will be sparkling in no time!! HUGS my friend!

  2. Sharon Burford says:

    I believe that someone might have been me…remember staggering out into Sr. Phyllis’s waiting arms one sports day. Ps. I still have the camo handband from that marching outfit!

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