Dear Microsoft: You are bumming me out

So poor Zooey, my trusty laptop, died on Sunday. She was awesome. A sleek black HP tablet that made presentations a breeze, and doing on-screen writing super simple. After her, I couldn’t go back to a non-tablet device, so I had been waiting for the Next Big Thing.  My husband, a techie, was “reading the tea leaves” and knew that something new was coming out. He thought that Microsoft’s usual partners would be making Windows 8 devices, and he had been telling me for months to wait it out. Then on Monday, Ballmer had his big moment, announcing Surface. I thought, “Yay! A perfect Zooey replacement!” until there was no further information about the availability of the machines, the price point, nothing.

So, geniuses. You announce a great new machine. And then what, you expect consumers to just sit around and wait 4 months until you get your ducks in a row? I mean, you have me by the short and curlies. I want a Surface machine (with a touch keypad in pink, please). But I also need something now. Which means, I’m going to be buying from someone else. And isn’t Apple coming out with an iPad3 soon? Ever heard the phrase “strike while the iron is hot?”

You guys may be the dumbest bunch of smart guys on the planet.


3 thoughts on “Dear Microsoft: You are bumming me out

  1. Hugh Coyle says:

    First, you should check out a very helpful writing program I’ve discovered called Scrivener. ( Then you should see that it only runs on a Mac, but the new Macbook Air that was just released is a pretty snazzy little (and portable) device. The kicker is that you can also play with your Scrivener notes and cards on an iPad, which makes it even more fun. For example, you can look at and rearrange index cards for the sequence of a story on the iPad while writing into the manuscript on the Mac.
    The one cool thing I noticed about the Surface was the built-in keyboard in the cover (not included with the device, they were quick to point out)…and I imagine there will be a similar thing for all tablet devices soon, including the iPad.
    I totally agree with you about the Microsoft “reveal” as well–what a horrible way to introduce a brand new, sparkling, shiny new product! The photos I saw around the Web all featured a dour-looking businessman standing in front of one fixed image of the device. It wasn’t very encouraging…

  2. Tracey says:

    Oh Hugh, I know all about Scrivener! The guy who created Scrivener even once commented on this blog saying that he was working to create a PC version. (Here’s a link to that post. His comment is the 3rd one down It was supposed to happen last year, but it’s still in Beta. (Another bummer!) I have quite a few writer friends who love it. But I like PCs. I don’t want a Mac. And the Surface looks like exactly what I need. That keyboard in the cover is crazy cool, right? Only, I need it now. Not in the fall.

  3. Karen Berthine says:

    Excellent post and coments. I agree. I have used PCs since they first came out (so that’s a long time). I preferred working in DOS but was forced to move to windows. I think most people and businesses use PCs like typewriters with screens which allows Microsoft to release software with a LOT of bugs. I am moving to the Apple word. It started with an iPhone, then I bought the new iPad … the next will be a Mac Pro and Mac Air. What I am not looking forward to is after years with MS Office (all frustrating), learning iWorks. So far I use the iPad when I travel, and that’s the only time I use the iWorks package.

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