Fantasy without reason

“Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters; united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels.” –Francisco Goya

I wonder though, is there such a thing as fantasy with too much reason? Being meticulous about keeping things realistic in fiction can murder the magic. Not so?

5 thoughts on “Fantasy without reason

  1. Tracey says:

    Britton, I had to look up “parachronism.”
    Jenni, I agree that it’s about balance.
    Karen, I’m glad you liked that quote!

  2. pixiebubbles says:

    I don’t know, I sort of think you can create “impossible monsters” as long as you explain them correctly which I guess is where story flow comes in. I do think you get a little more leeway with fantasy than you do plain fiction even though fantasy is under the umbrella of fiction. Good posting girl. 😉

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