Some days

Some days

I can’t

It’s just

So hard

I mean

I just

Can’t take

Much more

What’s this

What for

Why now

Now what

And then

I try

Have tried

Have failed

Have cried

Have smiled

Next try

What gives

Who knows

What now

Stay strong

Un til

I can’t

No more




11 thoughts on “Some days

  1. DEBatterman says:

    You capture a feeling I know only too well . . . And the underlying rhythm so perfectly expresses the bouncing emotions, back and forth/ back and forth.

  2. pixiebubbles says:

    I liked your poem. It’s inspirational at the end and also the fact that its your own poem. It gives courage for someone else to try poetry. I nominate you for the Inspirational Blog Award. I know you have already gotten several awards so you can add this to your list. πŸ™‚ If interested, there’s a post on my blog about it.

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