Curses, blights, and plain old bad luck

I found this on Wikimedia Commons.
What is a “Labrador Duck?”

It’s 2012 so I probably shouldn’t believe in curses, except my life has been wave after wave of unfortunate events lately and I’m beginning to wonder. Every time I think, “well, this has to be the last thing,” it isn’t. So much so that I haven’t been able to write lately. I don’t have the mental strength to be creative. Writing this right now, I’m running on dregs.

Perhaps even more unfortunate than feeling this way was mentioning the idea of a curse or blight to my Trinidadian mother, who immediately yelled at me for not informing her sooner so she could have done something about it.

Cowed from getting yelled at (and let’s face it, blamed, for everything that’s been happening in our house), I simply stood aside while she got the car keys and headed out to get the things she needed to “take care of it.” My husband, to his credit, zipped his lips and backed quietly out of the room. He grew up in Trinidad too. He knows not to get in the way of a Trini woman on a mission to get rid of a blight.

So crazy as it sounds, there is a part of me that really wants this whole curse thing to be true, if only so that my mother can banish it from the house, and things can get back to normal around here. Of course if this all actually works, the new curse will be: I’ll never hear the end of it.


16 thoughts on “Curses, blights, and plain old bad luck

  1. remostrainbarn says:

    Glad you are posting. Letting us know where the Knitting went! Seeing time go by without…created a writer’s want. For the love of your work the best thing, if this is medicine at all, is to keep doing what supports the inner-you. Knitting—this writing kind—is great. It’s our therapy.

  2. Catherine Stine says:

    My July was like that–the worst one on record. It does get better. In the meantime, whether you buy into or not, how about getting one of those smudge stick branches and saying a few chants to send the bad vibes away! I did that once when we bought a house in the country that had weird vibes. Suddenly, when I was meditating on it, I saw a bunch of thin, hungry boys. In my mind, I gave them goodie baskets and sent them on their way. Turned out that a really poor family had raised a bunch of boys in that house! The vibes were much sunnier after that.

  3. mariacatalinaegan says:

    Even if you do not believe..well a rit ual to ‘remove it’ can be empowering. I am on the fence about it…but why not? a nice bath with sea salts is meant to remove ALL jinxes and curses. Maybe by releasing it to the Universe and telling us about it you have ended it 🙂

  4. Tracey says:

    You know, after doing it, I feel better. I don’t know if it’s just the idea of it, or maybe it’s that we cleaned the house, and a clean house always makes me feel better. Plus talking about it and getting good vibes from all of you is making a difference as well. I think sometimes you just need to put good things into the universe to get good things back. Thanks again for all the positive energy and good juju!

  5. injaynesworld says:

    I’ve had many times in my life when I felt that my moon was stuck in feces. The turnaround trick for me is to remember to focus on the outcome I want believing and behaving and most of all, giving thanks for it as though it has already happened — because it has. That “time/space” thing? Biggest hoax ever. Now believe, my friend. Big hugs.

  6. Tracey says:

    Thanks again guys for all the good vibes. I felt so much better last night. I slept like a log! It was fantastic. I think you’re all right. It’s about mindset. This morning, I feel it’s a new day for the first time in… forever.

  7. debatterman says:

    You may not be feeling ‘creative,’ but even ‘running on dregs’ (a great image, btw) you’ve managed to to call up the spirits of mothers and friends to lift you. I’m smiling from the comments that precede mine — each and every one a bit of its own shining wisdom.

  8. judiththomasberg says:

    I have learned NOT EVER again to say “Well it can’t get any worse…”. I swear there is ‘someone’ out there just waiting for me to utter those words so ‘they’ can pile on some more crap. 😉
    I see you’re doing better, I’m glad to hear it, but sending you some healing vibes just in case 🙂

  9. Tracey says:

    I know exactly what you mean, Judith. I am also going to refrain from saying that from now on. Thank you for all the healing vibes! I’m sending some back to you.

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