You control everything… and nothing

As writers, we build worlds, create people from dust motes, give them words and hopes and dreams, and then give them hell so they have to fight for their happy ending (assuming we even let them have one). So why should we expect any less from our own lives? Maybe it’s that as world-creators, we think that we really do control everything. We do, but only on the page. Out in the real world, we control nothing. And going from one to the other is jarring. I get confused about why the life I imagine for myself doesn’t materialize until I realize, that only works on paper. And I wonder why my characters seem to do things I didn’t intend them to until I remember, I’m the one writing it.

But… today I’m enjoying a rare bit of happy news (it’s not for public consumption, sorry) that was totally unexpected, and nothing I would have imagined, because I have no control out in the real world, except that it’s about my own writing, which I do have control of. So that makes the line blurry, and me a little confused about what I’m really capable of manifesting in my life.

How much of it is effort, and how much of it is left up to God, or fate, or luck?

As you ponder this (or not) I leave you with an image of sunflowers with their backs to the sun, which cracked me up this morning, for some reason. The image is from


15 thoughts on “You control everything… and nothing

  1. Britton Minor says:

    The older I become the less I control…except how I respond. After reading “The Guru Next Door,” I embraced happiness as a choice, despite circumstances, and though not an easy prospect when sadness and hardship strike, I am more able to release myself to the flow of this wonky world. I wish you every success, and yes, happiness Tracey

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks for your support guys. I appreciate it, as always.

    Maria, I am naturally a very private person, so keeping things under wraps is a long-studied ability for me. But I find it especially necessary on the internet. The internet is like an unexpected dark alley. You never know when the danger is going to pop up.

    Britton, thank you. Again.

    Jenni, you are so right. Though I think people forget their capacity for love.

  3. Catherine Stine says:

    Yes, we don’t control things-that’s why the Greeks considered hope to be a relative evil that was left in Pandora’s Box. That said, we do have huge influence through our actions! I’m happy for you that you got some unexpected good news. That always sweetens a day.

  4. remostrainbarn says:

    The greatest invitation. Knowing that humans do have paradise on earth. There is pain here, but every thought you have now can lead to better ones, with the intention of creating beautiful & informative words. My guess: you’ve always done this with courage. I have this second; I am sharing my wisdom(s) with you—this is paradise for me. Everything you create is a tiny slice of paradise. I am grateful something good has come along today. We very well could be sharing hope for all, with each breath and thought:) The sun is shining.

  5. injaynesworld says:

    It’s not a matter of control, it’s a matter of creation. I AM one with the creative force of the Universe, therefore I choose and create everything that comes into my life and when something “bad” happens, I take responsibility for creating that, as well, and work to change the thinking that brought it about. I am my life’s creator, not its victim. Our lives are a physical manifestation of our thinking. Change your thoughts and you change your life. As my favorite writer, Nora Ephron, said, “Be your life’s heroine, not its victim.” We are characters in our own story.

    I’m happy that something wonderful happened in your life and there is no reason why that can’t be a daily occurrence.

  6. Tracey says:

    Thanks, Jayne. I definitely believe in rolling with the punches and not being a victim. I’m less sure I believe in my responsibility for some of the things that happen in my life, good or bad. Sometimes life just feels so random to me, a matter of mathematics.

  7. injaynesworld says:

    I’ve been in places in my life when I, too, felt life was random and I was nothing more than a pinball being shot out to bounce around until I fell back into another dark hole. When I stopped trying to control everything and realized I only had to focus on the result and the path would appear, life got much, much easier. The Universe is more than willing to partner up if we just step out of the way. But it took a lot of years for me to learn this.

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