This week in writing… banned edition

It’s banned books week. Have you read any filthy, smutty, morally offensive literature this year? You should. Really. Need a list? Here you go. You probably think that the authors despise having their books banned. Not so. Not always, anyway. Sometimes they rather enjoy it. Here are some of the more amusing quotes from banned authors. I happen to love the one by Justin Richardson. Though that Maurice Sendak interview is one of my favorite things of all time.

(Don’t go away, there’s more news after the ‘toon.)

[The image comes from Goodwill Librarian on Facebook.]

An easy way to circumvent people who find literature objectionable is to put it all on ebooks. (Not really something I’m suggesting, just a nice segue.) Speaking of ebooks… (see what I did there?) Digital book sales continue to climb according to BookStats. By how much? In 2010 ebook sales represented 6.7% of trade sales. In 2011, it’s 16%. Wow. Many authors are jumping on that bandwagon, but interestingly, some are established authors. Michael Thomas Ford, author of over 60 books is going indie for his next novel, and to do so he’s raising money through an Indiegogo campaign. Check it out. Only contributors are going to get this limited edition book, so if you want it… pony up. I love this idea.

Someone just discovered that 55% of YA sales are from adults who buy it for themselves. (Those of us who have been buying YA and aren’t under 18 have this to say: honey, this is not news.) Speaking of childish, ever wondered what would have happened to Disney’s evil villains if they’d actually won? Yeah me neither. But someone did. Enjoy it before Disney’s lawyers pull it off the web.

And I just found this awesome video of authors talking about their banned books.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!