Unleashing the creative force

“As the world smashes you down–as it dances on your grave–it unleashes the creative force.” – Kay Larson, art critic.

There are times when life seems to pile on worry after worry, bad moment after bad moment, until you feel buried by awfulness. But there is something about that amount of pressure that I find frees up something inside, knocks loose something stuck, and there I find the ability to write boldly and (sometimes) beautifully. Maybe it’s that at the end of hope we let go of the things that hold us back. Maybe it’s that in those difficult moments, art emerges as a way to keep us from going over the edge. I don’t know. But when it happens, though I hope it doesn’t happen too often, I know I can use it. Can/do you?

[Image from Wikimedia Commons. “Fanatics dancing on graves.”]


9 thoughts on “Unleashing the creative force

  1. Catherine Stine says:

    Sometimes “there ain’t no way down but up” as the saying goes. Yes, the impetus is on the upswing immediately following those times. I had a July like that, and now I’m riding the wave upward.

  2. Tracey says:

    I think it’s great that you are able to use that downswing to find some upward momentum, even if the writing isn’t spectacular. It gives you swing.

  3. Rossandra White says:

    Put on your jammies and roast a couple of marshmallows with the Gremlins, stare them in the eye and build new thoughtforms of what you want to happen. It will soon change.

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