Last week in writing… busy edition

Friday was much too hectic to even think of rounding up all the publishing news. I hoped to get this up over the weekend, but there were too many things going on then too. So, today it is.

Artist John Sokol does portraits of authors using the words from their own books. That’s cool, right? I want one of me!

If you’re wondering what makes a YA bestseller, this is the class for you. It details what makes a bestseller from first concept to marketing. I’m already registered to go. If you’ll be there, send me an email and we’ll meet up.

If inscribing every last syllable of your perplexing prose is causing readers to redirect their attentions elsewhere, then maybe you need a thesaurus that only spits out short words. You know, so they can follow the plot.

Sometimes it’s better to try to get into print via literary journal. Here are 5 new ones to try out. There’s something for everyone in this brief list.

Just in time for NaNoWriMo, the UK’s The Guardian outlines just how to write the first draft of a story in 30 days. Oooh. Graphics. Handy.

I loved coming across this image last week: a scathing review of Sir John Gurdon’s work by a teacher who thought him to be a “waste of time.” He’s now the Nobel Laureate for medicine. All of that to say, don’t believe people when they tell you “no.”

Barbara Freethy self-published over 1 million books via Barnes and Noble’s Pub It. Mind you, she’s an established author with a track record and probably a decent fan base already.

This list of multicultural poetry books is very inclusive. Hello island poems!

Children’s and YA sales numbers are up! Yay! That’s good news.

And finally, this video about the vendor/client relationship which comes at a great time for me as some people seem to think that my expertise is something that they can pay bargain basement prices for without apology. Um. No. Hell no. (I’m sure there will be a rant-filled post about this eventually. I’m still in shock at the rudeness of it all.)



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  1. Tracey says:

    Thanks Becky. I feel like the John Gurdon information could be its own post. There are so many other greats who dealt with the same kind of nay-saying early in their lives.

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