You might have heard…

…that hurricane/superstorm Sandy knocked out my power for several painful days.

…that I began writing posts from the zombie apocalypse.

…that in the midst of all that, I was offered, accepted, and started a new job.

…that the last few weeks have been a little overwhelming (not horrible, but definitely extra-stressful).

But you might not have heard that after all of that, with me still trying to struggle through the week and the hour (or two) daily commute, children in after-care, a brand new babysitter…whose car broke down a day before she was supposed to start picking up the kids, finding a last-minute replacement to pick up the kids for two days, a new job (where ARE the staplers?), board meetings, parent teacher conferences, a broken down bus, Lincoln Tunnel traffic, and crazy bus riders, I actually ended the week with some amazing news. Unfortunately, I’m not yet at liberty to share. So as compensation, I will leave you with the first two of my zombie apocalypse posts. And as soon as I can share the news, I will. Stay tuned.

Day 6, zombie apocalypse: Adaptation
Seems the family is adjusting to their new lifestyle. Darryl went out with a rifle this morning to “bag us a deer” and the kids have made a bow and arrows (the girl) and slingshot (the boy) from fallen trees, vines, and car tire rubber from the abandoned cars of Jerseyans… I mean zombies who have given up the hunt for gas. At some point last night I heard one of them say, “Don’t bother to run m*er f*er” to a squirrel. I’m not sure which one of them it was, as I was screaming in my head at the time. But we did have squirrel for dinner, so there’s that. If anyone’s out there: send ketchup.

Day 6, zombie apocalypse (evening): Connectivity
Oh dear. Seems we have over exceeded our data limit for the month. Who knew that still even existed in this post-apocalyptic wasteland? To entertain ourselves (and try to find out what was going on in the world) we tried to talk to a non-zombie neighbor who mentioned something about “celebrity weddings” and an “election.” After they launched into a

tirade about the merits of someone named Kardashian and the terror of an electoral college dead heat, I eyed Darryl (who was still packing btw) and decided to smack this person upside the head with the skillet I now carry everywhere for protection. (Really, we can’t afford to waste the bullets.) The upside: no more infotainment talk. The downside: I’m not sure how to get the blood stains off the wall. Maybe I just call it art. If anyone’s out there: send a gilded frame.

14 thoughts on “You might have heard…

  1. mariacatalinaegan says:

    Wow…I hope all is well. Here in South Florida we were expecting Sandy and it is a pity it did not hit us as it would never have combined with the other two. we feel a sort of survivor guilt when we see the photos!
    I love the way you transitioned into the Zombie mode from the Storm. I have a 14 year old who is so into Zombies and I am slowly but surely, becoming a fan. IIf you get achance swing by and visit me at I have a guest Astrologer and a unique giveaway.

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks, Maria. I will definitely check that out.
    It’s kind of hard to avoid the zombie thing these days. I find it all very entertaining.

  3. elizabeth says:

    We all got through Sandy and her cousin Norman the nor’easter and we did maintain our senses of humor. Can’t wait to hear your news. Great luck with the job- wow, so much going on!

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