The new (writing) routine

It’s day 27 of NaNoWriMo, and I stopped writing somewhere around day 5, with only two days of writing because I skipped days 2-4, and then all the others after it. Why? Well, it’s the new job. More specifically, the new commute.

This isn’t quite my commute. But I kind of wish it was.

That 3 hours a day really takes it out of me, and I haven’t figured out how to combat the exhaustion yet. The funny thing is that for the last six years, people have asked me how I find time to write. I’ve been home. It’s been pretty easy to find that time, even when my day is extra crazy. My desk is about 10 feet away from my bed. Plus the door to my office can close, and everyone knows if the door’s closed, not to bother me. They’ve had 10 years to learn this. People found it pretty amazing that I could carve out that time, ignore the distractions like laundry and bubbling pots, and ballet schedules. I can sometimes. Not always. But now, carving out time is even more challenging because there really is so little of it.

This is week three of the new job and I haven’t figured out how to find that time yet. Even blog posts have taken a backseat. It’s going to get interesting because I’ve been asked to do some revisions of my novel, so I’m going to have to figure out the schedule thing. And I’m going to have to figure it out fast.

In the meantime, a writer friend shared a link to famous writers’ schedules. Look at Ben Franklin’s. That’s pretty regimented. Others are enviably loose.

7 thoughts on “The new (writing) routine

  1. Cheryl Fassett says:

    Wow! A three hour commute? Please tell me you can at least be a pasasenger, instead of the driver! Give yourself some time to adjust as thwt is quite a change in your routine. I can understand how exhausted you must be. But, I do know that if you want something badly enough, you find the time somehow. Just let your mind and body adjust to the commute and job outside the home first. Then you will find a way to make time for writing! Hang in there!! šŸ™‚

  2. Tracey says:

    I am not driving, I am taking the buuuuus and then the suuuuuubway. If I get a seat on the bus I can work, otherwise, I’m just holding on for dear life. But thanks for the suggestions!

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