Rejection is Everywhere

I read Goodwin’s Team of Rivals when I was researching a book about leadership that involved Barack Obama. I did not know that Speilberg used it as well to pen his biopic Lincoln. or that Lewis initially turned him down to play the role.
If you’ve ever gotten a rejection letter, you’ll like this post by Kathy Temean.

Rejection is Everywhere.


5 thoughts on “Rejection is Everywhere

  1. sarahbutland says:

    Excellent post, thanks for sharing it. It’s always encouraging to know rejections are still happening now to such amazing talents. It’s one thing to have a historical account of rejections but an updated one hits closer to home.

    Thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland author of Arm Farm, Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One

  2. Tracey says:

    For me, the main point here is that Speilberg took the comment, and went back and worked on the screenplay some more. There is always another improvement that can be made, and the movie is probably much better for it.

  3. Kathy Temean says:


    I wanted to e-mail you directly, but for some reason I can’t find your direct e-mail, so I thought you would see it here. When did you sign up with Maria Lamba? Did you tell me and I just forgot? Did I post it on my blog? If I missed it somehow, I would like to put it up with my next kudos post. Let me know.

    Hope everything is going good on your end.


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