Incrimentally happy

With the publishing world moving at the speed of a glacier, you have to be prepared for a whole lot of waiting before things happen. Good things, bad things. If you’re impatient, publishing is not your field. You could wait months for a response to a query, even when you have partials and fulls requested, it could still take months for a response. If you’re waiting to be happy until you get the actual book deal, you’ll be waiting a hell of a long time.

I used to reserve my happy to the end. And then I realized, there are plenty of happy moments along the publishing road.  Granted there are no bigger happy moments than making the sale and getting an award after it’s published, but you can be happy in smaller increments for some many other things leading up to the big one. Among my favorites:

  • finishing a first draft
  • editing a first draft
  • feeling that a story is done
  • writing a damn good query
  • getting a request for partial or full
  • getting a bite of interest
  • reading good reviews
  • getting nice fan e/mail

With all of that to celebrate (and much more), what’s the point of waiting? Be happy now.

Having trouble? Let Bobby McFerrin, Mr. Noodle, and Mork show you:


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